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Stacie's Thoughts

Our owner Stacie A. talks about her passion for design and what's next

I am passionate about designing wedding dresses for women of all shades and sizes because I believe that every bride deserves to feel beautiful and confident on her special day, regardless of her body type or skin color.

Weddings are a celebration of love and unity, and I want to contribute to that celebration by creating bridal gowns that embrace and celebrate the diversity of women. I believe that a woman should never have to compromise on her dream dress simply because it doesn't come in her size or match her skin tone.

My passion for inclusive bridal fashion stems from my own experiences and observations. I have seen countless brides struggle to find a dress that truly reflects their unique beauty. It is disheartening to witness the disappointment and frustration that many face when they cannot find a gown that fits them perfectly or complements their skin tone.

Designing wedding dresses for women of all shades and sizes, I aim to empower brides and help them feel confident and radiant on their special day. I want every woman to walk down the aisle feeling like the most beautiful version of herself, knowing that her dress was meticulously designed to celebrate her individuality.

In my work, I am committed to promoting body positivity and inclusivity in the bridal industry. I believe that every bride, regardless of her size or skin color, should have access to a wide range of stunning and well-fitting wedding dresses.

By focusing on designing for women of all shades and sizes, I hope to inspire a positive change in the industry and create a more inclusive and welcoming space for all brides.

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