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Sparkle and Sass's Simple Guide to Wedding Dress Sillhouttes

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Hello Sparklets!

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Sass Soiree where we discuss the latest in all things bridal and evening wear.

Today I want to talk about something super important: SKIRTS!

Whether you are wanting to design a custom dress, looking for your perfect wedding dress, or shopping for an evening gown, the style of the skirt is crucial to understanding how the dress will look.

In this post, we will break down the 5 most common wedding dress shapes and explain what makes each one different. I'll even include examples using some of my favorite dresses at Sparkle and Sass!

1. Ballgown

Starting off big, we have the ballgown style. Ballgown style skirts are fit for a princess. Full and wide, these dressess are often made up of many layers to give the skirt lots of volume. Perfect for spinning, dancing, and feeling like royalty!

2. A-line

A-line and ballgown can be easy to mix up, because both skirt styles start at the waist and flare out into a full skirt. A-line is like a ballgown but less poofy, known for straight lines flaring out from the waist creating an "A" shape. These skirts are perfect for someone who wants a skirt that won't hug their body, but doesn’t want the skirt to swallow them.

3. Mermaid

Named after mermaid tails, these skirts are perfect for someone who wants a sassy, sexy look. These skirts hug the hips, remaining tight until they flare out towards the bottom of your legs. They often still have layers at the bottom, but the tighter top shows off your body.

4. Trumpet

Trumpet skirts are very easy to confuse with mermaids, and many people use the terms synonymously. However, there’s a slight difference that is crucial when deciding on a style. Trumpet dresses flare out less than mermaid skirts. Trumpet skirts are still sexy like a mermaid, but in a softer, more classic way.

5. Sheath

Last, but certainly not least, is the sheath style. Sheath dresses involve the least fabric in the skirt portion of the dress. They don’t flare out, but rather fall directly from your waist to the ground creating a straight, clean line. Also called column style, sheath style dresses are simple and flattering.

Which one of these styles is your favorite? If you love these dresses, you can order them through our website or schedule an appointment with us!

Written by Elsah James, Marketing and Social Media Intern, Summer 2022

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