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Favorite Things for Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is all about coming up with ideas and creative ways to execute things to create your dream wedding. Today I’m going to discuss our favorite things for wedding planning. This list includes effective ways to keep all your wedding planning ideas together and organized.

Pinterest boards

Pinterest boards are a great way to keep all the ideas you have contained. For example, you can make a board specifically for the style of dress you want, or you can make one for your wedding decor. The possibilities of Pinterest boards are endless.

To-do lists/Checklist

I mentioned this in my wedding tips blog before (You should go check that out, by the way). To-do lists/checklists are a great way to keep you organized and aware of what you need to get done and what you have already completed.

Wedding folder/binder

This is a great idea to keep all your paperwork and important documents together. Along with the Pinterest boards, it can keep your ideas and things contained; this is a great way to get and stay organized.

Wedding planner

Wedding planners, like everything else on this list, are an excellent way to stay organized with your wedding planning. Planners help keep you on track with your appointments and schedule. You can create a schedule where you have days focusing on wedding planning. That way, you're staying on track and can get everything done for your wedding promptly.

Available at we have an "Ultimate Bridal Planner" and an "Ultimate Wedding Planner and Journal". Planning Checklist, budget planning, all about wedding dresses, monthly Planner, Journal, and more are all included inside of our planners.

Take advantage of these resources that are here to help you stay organized and stress free planning your wedding!!

-Triniti Gray Social Media Intern Spring 2023

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